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Lightweight and Transparent
Tailored system solutions for the automotive industry
Tailored system solutions for the automotive industry
Evonik Industries has expanded its portfolio with four tailored system solutions for the automotive industry.

Pleximid is ideally suited for headlamps, since it is claimed to have a transmission of over 90%, even after long-term exposure to 150°C over a period of more than 40 days.

Plexiglas SuPure is the response to increased demands for purity for particularly high quality, transparent applications for display covers. The high-temperature-resistant Vestamit HTplus based on polyphthalamide (PPA) was specially developed as a replacement for traditional metal applications. Automotive manufacturers can thus save weight and gain freedom of design. There are already PPA molding compounds that are directly bonded to H-NBR and FKM rubber.

Thanks to its high service temperature, Vestakeep PEEK, in the form of cable sheathing, fulfills three functions: heat shield, insulation and abrasion protection. The material’s tribological properties mean that it can replace, e.g., lubricated metal bearings, which considerably reduces the cost of maintenance and lubrication.
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