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In-Line Thickness Measurement
CTM-S in-line thickness measuring system
Detailed view of the sensing roller with attached roller probe on the CTM-S thickness measuring system (figure: ElektroPhysik)
Electro-Physik Dr.Steingroever GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne, Germany, has extended its portfolio to include the CTM-S in-line thickness measuring system. This system is suitable for continuous thickness measurement,as well as monitoring and documentation of non-metallic materials in web form.Monoor multi-layer polymer films, latex, rubber, textile or paper webs can be measured at material feed rates of up to 100 m/min and thicknesses of 20 µm to 15 mm during production. For the measurement, which can be integrated into the production process, the material (film or other webshaped material) is fed continuously over the ferromagnetic sensing roller. Flutterfree contact of the web or sheet on the roll is guaranteed by a suitable angle of wrap of the material. The measurement consists in pneumatically lowering the active-sensing, magneto- inductive roller probe onto the surface line of the material, where it records the thickness readings.

The magnetic air gap and the distance between roller probe and sensing roller are measured. The thickness measurement works on the principle of magneto- inductive sensing in accordance with German and international standards. It is independent of the material and insensitive to density,moisture or color variations in the material to be tested. Furthermore, measurement is unaffected by movements of the material, eccentricity of the sensing roller,vibrations in the environment, deflection of traverse and sensing roller or distance variations of the sensing probe due to temperature changes.Surface textures, such as those of fibrous and foamed materials do not affect measurement by the roller probe. Probe replacement requires calibration and the maximum reading deviation is 1 %. Thanks to its web-based technology, the CTM-S is network compatible. Operation and monitoring of the system can be done via intranet or internet. Messages relating to malfunctions, maintenance and troubleshooting allow remote diagnostics and help to keep downtimes short. The documentation is created automatically during production. Additional components such as process control systems, factory monitoring systems, MDA/PDA and console systems can be easily adapted. The readings are stored in a relational database. Additional individual evaluations can be performed on demand via user-defined SQL scripts.
ElektroPhysik Dr. Steingroever GmbH & Co. KG
Pasteurstr. 15
DE - 50735 Köln
Telephone: +49 221 75204-0
Fax: +49 221 75204-69

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