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Better than Rubber
2-Component Series Parts from TPU-X
2-component shaft for ATMs with TPU-X (figure: Hunold + Knoop)
Paper transport rolls are sensitive parts used, e.g., in printers, copiers and ATMs. For a long time, these functional parts were produced from a steel shaft with a vulcanized rubber compound. Hunold + Knoop Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Geseke, Germany, which specializes in the accurately positioned, firmly bonded overmolding of the shafts with thermoplastics, has developed an alternative process, which greatly shortens the production workflow and considerably reduces manufacturing costs. Parts can be produced from crosslinked TPUX by conventional injection molding in only one step.

The patented solution uses a small add-on unit for processing thermoplastic polyurethane “online” with the addition of a liquid crosslinking agent. Parts produced by this process have much better mechanical properties compared to the rubber compounds usually used, including outstanding resilience of the TPU-X, excellent damping of oscillations and vibration, very good adhesion to other technical plastics, and excellent high-temperature performance. According to Mathias Hunold, managing director of Hunold+Koop Kunststofftechnik, the costs could be further reduced through substitution of metal if the shaft is manufactured from, e.g. a highly filled PA instead of steel. 2-component series products from TPU-X and another components have already been used for gear wheels and pulleys or for paper transport shafts.Heavily loaded machine parts, too, could have their quality considerably improved with TPU-X. A 3-component part, in which TPU-X is bonded to a metal and a second plastic without adhesion promoter, is at the launch phase.
Hunold+Knoop Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Corveyer Straße 5
DE - 59590 Geseke
Telephone: +49 2942 9798-0
Fax: +49 2942 9798-99

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