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Sports shoes incorporating ethylene vinyl acetate rubber and acrylonitrile butadiene rubber meet the highest requirements (figure: Lanxess)
When athletes go all out, their shoes must also be in good form – and the materials they contain really have to show what they are made of. The stresses generated by running, for example, can be three times greater than the runner’s body weight. Sports shoes with midsoles produced from modern high-performance rubber serve as a buffer between the runner’s feet and the hard running surface. Lanxess AG, based in Cologne, Germany, has developed an ethylene vinyl acetate rubber, known as Levapren, with a special structure that enables it to meet all the requirements of leisure and sports shoes.

This rubber provides a cushioning and stabilizing effect in the midsole, which is at the heart of all today’s running shoes. Another special type of rubber from Lanxess ensures that shoes have a good grip, even on wet surfaces.Running shoe soles made from acrylonitrile butadiene rubber with the brand name Krynac are especially abrasion-resistant and durable, while also being flexible Various parts of the sole have flex zones (indentations) that increase its pliability and so enhance rolloff performance during running. The grip is further improved by a special kind of ribbing.
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