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Lightweight and Buoyant
Particle Foam
An expandable interpolymer (E-por) gives the jet boat a lightweight, stable structure (figure: BASF)
Thanks to the use of the particle foam E-por, Yamaha Motor WaveRunners fulfill the requirements on lightweight and buoyancy according to ISO 13590. E-por is installed in the front and side spaces of the body of the VX700S jet boat by the Japanese manufacturers where it ensures the buoyancy of the PWC (personal water craft) due to its low density. The weight of the jet boat consists mainly of the engine, jet, tank and hull and it offers the boarding capacity for up to three passengers.

To achieve the necessary flotage, the water craft requires a stable structure which provides the buoyant force. E-por is extremely well suited as a flotage structure, due to its low density and good property profile. The VX700S at a vessel’s body weight of 240 kg is the lightest three-seater PWC model ever built. Despite making up a large proportion of the total volume, the E-por parts account for only 3.3 kg of the total weight. Furthermore, E-por can be easily processed, like EPS (expanded polystyrene), into the desired density and shape, so that the molded parts can be inserted optimally into the casing.
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