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Technofunding: New Crowdfunding Platform

Technofunding Ltd., London, sets up a new crowdfunding platform for creative developers, inventors and scientists who want to promote their ideas and projects. The difference with this crowdfunding website is that it focuses specifically on the technology sector. This specialized way of crowdfunding also creates the possibility for colleges and universities to get sponsorships in order to help research their projects. The basic principle “All for One”, also creates the possibility for the financing of scientific projects, that probably otherwise would not be possible to realize.

With the Headquarters of Technofunding Ltd. in London, the first step towards the global development of the technology platform has been taken. Technofunding is available worldwide for project creators and funders. As of now, engineers, scientists, designers, inventors and the technically gifted have the opportunity to submit the first projects during the "sunrise period". 30th of August 2013 is the official launch date for Technofunding.com.

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