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Technical books

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Lengsfeld, Mainka, Altstädt
Herstellung, Anwendung, Verarbeitung
Publication date: 11.06.2019
Composite Technology
Lengsfeld, Wolff-Fabris, Krämer, Lacalle, Altstädt
Composite Technology
Prepregs and Monolithic Part Fabrication Technologies
Publication date: 07.12.2015
Continuous–Discontinuous Fiber-Reinforced Polymers
An Integrated Engineering Approach
Publication date: 09.09.2019
Gandhi, Goris, Osswald, Song
Discontinuous Fiber-Reinforced Composites
Fundamentals and Applications
Publication date: 09.03.2020
Synthetic Fibers
Synthetic Fibers
Machines and Equipment Manufacture, Properties
Publication date: 29.09.1999